Final project idea – 2

For the final project idea, I’m thinking of making a chrome extension for people who are using Korean and English keyboard in their computer. This is a very personal project for very specific target. If you forget to change the keyboard mode and type it, you’ll get something like this.   Programming A to Z […]

Final Project Idea

1 Sounds of NYC NYC is always full of sounds(music) everywhere. Not only amazing concerts from jazz to electronic happening every week, but also artists on the street, park, and subways are always there in the city. I would like to use AR technology to visualize this sound from New York City and document it. […]

Final project idea

For the midterm project, I worked on simple Alexa skill called “ITP Annie” which is a simple yes/no answering chat bot. It randomly answers to users polar(yes/no) questions. There are many possible answers though, that it tries to mimic human conversations. For the final project, I want to develop this concept and make it in […]

3D avatar

To make my own 3D digital avatar, I decided to make one out of clay. I bought yellow Play-Doh and found the metal stick from the junk shelf. I started building the frame with the metal stick and wires. I should have took more time and made the frames more firmly.   This is the Play-doh […]

Yes or No bot

When I was young, I used to play with this Ask Eight Ball which gives you random answers after you ask questions and shake it. So I got inspired by this little toy, I decided to make a yes/no question chatbot.     Based on this idea I created a twitter bot that answers to users […]

Matisse cut out Dance

Henry Matisse is one of my favorite artists in the world. I especially like his bold and colorful cut-outs artworks. I always thought I could imagine endless stories from this cut-out works. While watching “Little Blue Little Yellow”, it reminded me of his arts and I decided to make up a story based on it. […]

3mins presentation

If I have the chance to present something in front of 10,000 people, what would I say? I would like to talk about the Rising Sun flag, which was first adopted in 1870 as the war flag of the Imperial Japanese Navy. It’s the symbol of the japan’s militaristic imperialism. This symbol is considered extremely offensive in […]

Spatial Augmented Reality

This is a projection mapping project that shows bouncy bubbles in a box at the first time. When the audiences move their hand in certain gesture(like swipe, or circle) and the bubbles will bounce off the box or a screen. I wanted to create a illusion that the whole screen is just as big as […]

Week 01

Self portrait with avatar creation systems   My Idol (mobile) MyIdol is a mobile app that helps you create your own 3D avatar. It is so easy that the users of MyIdol only have to take a picture of themselves and just choose the gender. It’s so easy but on the other hand, it is impossible to change your face structure or move eyes […]