Spatial Augmented Reality

This is a projection mapping project that shows bouncy bubbles in a box at the first time. When the audiences move their hand in certain gesture(like swipe, or circle) and the bubbles will bounce off the box or a screen. I wanted to create a illusion that the whole screen is just as big as […]

Week 01

Self portrait with avatar creation systems   My Idol (mobile) MyIdol is a mobile app that helps you create your own 3D avatar. It is so easy that the users of MyIdol only have to take a picture of themselves and just choose the gender. It’s so easy but on the other hand, it is impossible to change your face structure or move eyes […]

Urban Vehicle

Last Thursday the whole class went to A/D/O at Greenpoint, Brooklyn to see the “Urban Vehicle” project. It was a great opportunity to look around A/D/O and get to know about the project. When I first got inside, I saw a huge bicycle-looking structure. I thought it was a static sculpture or an experimental invention […]


  photoshop filters + tint + ? 3 cushion billiards   The ball moves by gyro sensor in the phone. Whenever the ball touches the edge of the screen it will give certain effects to the photo taken by a user.

Body and Space

This is a project that I did when I was in college in Korea. I installed two vivid shapes on the wall and moved in space between two shapes. I set shutter speed very low so that my motion would blur. I tried not to invade shape area. That effort made me move my body […]


As I was thinking of new materials, I thought I wanted to use material’s property changes. Material that changes its property without temperature changes, I first thought of “glue”, especially wood glue. Wood glue is fluid original, but as time goes by, it dries and turns into solid. So I decided to mix glue with […]