My initial idea was making a lamp that has several layers of shades. I came up with this idea from seeing my acrylic bag by the window, that reflected sunlight beautifully. I wanted to experience various materials that light gets diffused or scattered.  

While making the lamp, I remembered when I visited Tokujin Yoshioka’s exhibition in Korea. I was really impressed about his works using lights. Especially I remember experiencing this artwork; Rainbow Church.

Inspired by his amazing work, I planned to build a lamp that has one side of special material and other sided closed to make it more dramatic.

Also, I decided to focus on light scattering, reflection, and shadows other than just diffusing. I wanted to see how light changes as it goes through certain materials.

These are some other inspirations:



I bought some materials from Canal Plastic, Michael’s, and Home depot. I was figuring out what kind of material it is, so I bought more than I needed.

Basically, I needed three parts. Lighting part, bottom part, and shading part. First I had to build a whole structure.

I used matte black acrylic for the top and bottom part, and white translucent acrylic for three sides.

Then I started making the front side, the scattering shade plane.

I used beads, iridescent acrylic sheets, and transparent thin plastic.

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