Sustainable Design

I tracked the wastes I made for one day. I couldn’t take photos of them (because they were dirty and too many) but I wrote it down as long as I can remember.

cotton pad

contact lens package


coffee cup

paper bag


lunch plastic box

lunch leftover

packages (of lightbulb, acrylic, switches and other p-comp materials)

snack packages

coffee cup

dinner plastic box



I guess there are more than I listed that I forgot to write down. I was surprised that I produced so many wastes in one single day. Moreover, I could see how people were wasting energy in our ordinary life. To say about electricity, we take it as granted. People turn on lights all day even if they don’t need it.

So, I decided to make an “inconvenient lamp”. For most of the lamps, people can just toggle the switch to turn it on and off. It is super easy, and convenient. But what if you have to press the button whole time while using the lamp? It would be pretty annoying and the amount of time using the lamp will reduce which leads to energy saving.


For the lamp, I bought light bulbs, a socket, a switch, and power.I used LED light bulbs for the energy efficiency.  At first, I tried to fix the step switch that people normally use for a stand lamp.

But I failed to reform the step switch twice! Therefore I just decided to use a momentary (arcade) switch.

Because very strong electricity flows in AC circuit, I had to confirm the circuit I built to Tom Igoe before testing it. It was the scariest part of the project that I might get an electric shock. Fortunately, it went out well. Whenever I press the button, the light turns on, and if I release it, it turns off.


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