As I was thinking of new materials, I thought I wanted to use material’s property changes.

Material that changes its property without temperature changes, I first thought of “glue”, especially wood glue. Wood glue is fluid original, but as time goes by, it dries and turns into solid. So I decided to mix glue with something else.

I thought it would be fun to put shattered glass pieces into glue. I could make it into any shapes that I want, and as it dries it will be shiny and solid. However, I found working with shattered glass would be too dangerous and the transparency of glass would decrease if I put glue on it.

I remembered using iron powder in science class back in elementary school. Iron powder adhere to magnets and shows interesting movements. So I mixed glue and iron powder to create new material.


Prepare materials needed:


  1. Put some wood glue on a plate.


2. Add some iron powder to the plate.


3. Stir everything together and play with a magnet


The result was pretty amazing. I could move this thick liquid with a magnet and it seems like it is alive. Another interesting is that iron powder is attached to the magnet so strongly, it separates glue and the glue. So I could get clean glue again!

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