Urban Vehicle

Last Thursday the whole class went to A/D/O at Greenpoint, Brooklyn to see the “Urban Vehicle” project. It was a great opportunity to look around A/D/O and get to know about the project. When I first got inside, I saw a huge bicycle-looking structure. I thought it was a static sculpture or an experimental invention and that was my first impression. Before the presentation, I had a chance to look around the studio. I loved every place there. There were lots of screens hanging from the ceiling displaying videos(it was another exhibition itself), there was a long hallway where photos and outputs were displayed, there was an amazing design shop which I wanted to buy everything from there if I can afford them and also there was an impressive window on ceiling. Half of the window was covered with glass and the other half was built with mirror. So I could see view of Greenpoint reflected on mirror by just watching the ceiling above. I enjoyed just being in the space there.

The presentation had started and I listened to what the creators say about their work. They built the vehicle that goes around the area and collected air, water, dirt and made a cast of theĀ road. Also they took pictures by a camera installed on the vehicle. I thought it was pretty interesting that giving meaning to local materials make these outputs and the area special. The structure itself was interesting too because it carries multiple tools to collect materials from places they go such as a fan, casting tool, camera and etc.

What if they had to choose just one material/output, what would they have chosen? Do marks, air, dirt and liquid still make sense when they are at A/D/O studio, out of the place where they came from(or out of context)?

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