Week 01

Self portrait with avatar creation systems


  1. My Idol (mobile)

MyIdol is a mobile app that helps you create your own 3D avatar. It is so easy that the users of MyIdol only have to take a picture of themselves and just choose the gender. It’s so easy but on the other hand, it is impossible to change your face structure or move eyes or nose. You have to just retake the picture in order to change the face. But there are lots of options for hair, fashion styles, and the most amazing part is that the avatar moves. I rendered a video of my avatar acting like a zombie.


2. Fuse CC

I never knew Adobe had a professional human model creating application like this before. I tried it out. Fuse seemed very complicated and users can design a very detailed character. They can move eyes, nose, and even jaws in 3D and they can control the whole body too. Also age option and texture(such as eye color, skin tone) were very impressive. However, I couldn’t find a female Asian default model for Fuse CC(which was very disappointing), so I had to start building my avatar from a caucasian model. I almost had all the controls to shape the face, but the range was from 0 to 100, I couldn’t exceed that certain level. I was very excited to see such a sophisticated tool so that I can build my virtual self-portrait sculpture, but I couldn’t build my mongoloid face out of a caucasian model. Also, there were less options for hair and clothing styles.


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