3mins presentation

If I have the chance to present something in front of 10,000 people, what would I say?

I would like to talk about the Rising Sun flag, which was first adopted in 1870 as the war flag of the Imperial Japanese Navy. It’s the symbol of the japan’s militaristic imperialism. This symbol is considered extremely offensive in countries of former Japanese imperialism including Korea, China, Philippines, Indonesia and more as it reminds Japan’s former war crimes against humanity. Despite its history, the rising sun flag remains in use.

People waving this flag in Beijing Olympic were warned not to use the flag by the Olympic committee. Beijing clearly stated that “flags and banners of a political, ethnic, or religious nature are banned in Olympic venues”

However, it’s so sad that many popular brands like Nike, Converse, Saint Lauren, Maison Kitsune, Zara and much more are still using this symbol, just like they think it as a cool-design and there’s no problem at all. Sometimes the flag is used as a kitsch symbol of japan.

Some people might say this is aesthetic design, or just regard as a cultural difference. But I really wanted to say that we all should take this more seriously of using this symbols because it contains a lot of history and meanings and it really hurts someone and their culture.

Presentation here

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