Matisse cut out Dance

Henry Matisse is one of my favorite artists in the world. I especially like his bold and colorful cut-outs artworks. I always thought I could imagine endless stories from this cut-out works. While watching “Little Blue Little Yellow”, it reminded me of his arts and I decided to make up a story based on it.

I picked two pieces as my markers(targets) :

Those two pieces have a similar color arrangement, black&white people dancing with a red heart. They look very similar but different.

These artworks just made me imagine a woman and a man dancing at night without noticing each other.

Two human 3D models will be my overlays(database).


I built 3D models in Adobe Fuse and rigged in Mixamo.

For the AR developing, I used Unity and Vuforia.

At first, I wanted them to meet each other and then start dancing but I couldn’t figure out how to control the animation time. Furthermore, if I have more time, I would definitely use lighting/sparkles around them.

Here is the result!


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