Yes or No bot

When I was young, I used to play with this Ask Eight Ball which gives you random answers after you ask questions and shake it. So I got inspired by this little toy, I decided to make a yes/no question chatbot.



Based on this idea I created a twitter bot that answers to users questions through direct messages. This was pretty funny but had some limitations that you only have to use direct messages, and felt like talking to a total stranger (or a bot).


So I developed this chatbot into an Alexa Skill!



ITP Annie’s basic concept is another version of myself living in ITP and Alexa’s best friend.  I wanted all my classmates could feel like asking me questions because people tend to ask small things to their friends, not to strangers. ITP Annie could only answer to polar questions that could be answered in whether yes or no. I wanted to make it feel more-human so I added things like “uh…”, “well…”, or “could you say that again?”. It also has features like “HELL NO” or “Haha Yes”. Another behavior that ITP Annie has is the introduction. Whenever the user says “Hi” or “Who are you?” ITPAnnie will introduce herself with greetings. My goal is to make it feel like more human(like me) that speaks humor and have emotions.

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