3D avatar

To make my own 3D digital avatar, I decided to make one out of clay. I bought yellow Play-Doh and found the metal stick from the junk shelf. I started building the frame with the metal stick and wires. I should have took more time and made the frames more firmly.


This is the Play-doh man I created. Because the frame was loose, the body parts kept falling apart. So I had to let him dry for 2days to make it more solid.


Then I took pictures of him using green screen as a background.

I took approximately 75 pictures(much more than I needed) around him at each angle. ㅁI imported all the pictures into Photoscan and made the model out of those pictures. It worked pretty well.



I exported the model and the material.

Using Unreal I created a short music video using this model.

Music by xxyyxx – Alone


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