Final Project Idea

1 Sounds of NYC

NYC is always full of sounds(music) everywhere. Not only amazing concerts from jazz to electronic happening every week, but also artists on the street, park, and subways are always there in the city. I would like to use AR technology to visualize this sound from New York City and document it. So that I can have my own unique music videos from all around the city. 

An object could react to the sound using physical space.

The movie Begin Again(2013) tries to capture the music of New York.

2 Collective game

I’m thinking of using NYC as a huge interactive space that users can play a game in, The city will be a huge game map and people have to work all together to gather the items around the city. The goal is to pick up the items all around the city and drop them off at a specific location. It could be game between east village and west village, 9th ave and 8th ave or 8th st and 9th st. People participation in this game will be picking up an item they discover and deliver to a specific place. I’m thinking of this project as a social campaign using game structure.

Good gym 

Using people’s motivation of moving for good purpose rather than using it in a gym.




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