Final project idea – 2

For the final project idea, I’m thinking of making a chrome extension for people who are using Korean and English keyboard in their computer.

This is a very personal project for very specific target.

If you forget to change the keyboard mode and type it, you’ll get something like this.


Programming A to Z -> ㅖ갷ㄱ므ㅡㅑㅜㅎ ㅁ샠



This problem happens in the opposite way too.



안녕하세요 저는 애니입니다. (Hello, my name is Annie.) -> dkssudgktpdy wjsms dosldlqslek.



This is a very common mistake made by many foreigners like me.

It seems like a very minute problem but when you forgot to change the keyboard and wrote a whole article, it’s really annoying.

However, there isn’t any solution for this simple problem, so I decided to create one on my own.

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