Final Project

For the final project, I made a chrome extension that will help my web experience. My first idea was a tool that changes English into Korean text.It’s not a translator but changing the keyboard. This mistake is happening pretty often so I thought this tool would be very useful. For example,

dkssudgktpdy -> 안녕하세요

However, I found a very big problem. I thought English keyboard and Korean keyboard is 1:1 match, but actually it wasn’t. Each Korean character is consisted of 2-4 letters and cannot stand alone.

+ + => ㅇㅏㄴ (x) (o)

Because of this complicated principle, there are more than 11,000 characters and I couldn’t match them with alphabets.

There were some possible solutions like creating JSON dictionary or figure out how to use Korean typing Unicode.

I only had one week and it was too short to study Unicode system, so I decided to make another chrome extension.


Expanding idea of better web experience, I created a chrome extension that helps your article reading. This chrome extension helps you summarize the article. If you turn on the chrome extension by clicking little icon on the bar, you can drag and highlight lines and they will appear on the bottom. Also when you’re done with the reading and the summary, you can send them to your email by clicking the button.

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