Our final video project for Video and Sound.  

Bloodchild short sound piece

For last two weeks, we read Octavia Butler’s short story “Bloodchild” and start making sound piece out of our own interpretation. The most impressive part in the story to me was cutting man’s flesh to give a birth to alien who eat dead body of an animal. I thought it is quite destructive and violent […]

The Ecstasy of Influence : A plagiarism

I started drawing when I was very little, and started studying design when I got into high school. Many of my friends are illustrator, sculptor, writer, composer and artists who create things. My friends and I learned the concepts of plagiarism, copying, and copyrights since we were very young. We were strongly taught that it […]

Her Long Black Hair

I went to Central Park to experience sound walk, <Her Long Black Hair>. The weather was very hot and the park was crowded, so I wondered if I could concentrate to the sound.  I played the first track sitting on the bench next to Jose Marti Statue. The voice was calm and mild. She was really specific […]