As I was thinking of new materials, I thought I wanted to use material’s property changes. Material that changes its property without temperature changes, I first thought of “glue”, especially wood glue. Wood glue is fluid original, but as time goes by, it dries and turns into solid. So I decided to mix glue with […]

Social Design

  I guess digital divide is one of the biggest problems in our society. A digital divide is an economic and social inequality with regard to access to, use of, or impact of information and communication technologies (wikipedia). I came up with this idea when I thought about my grandparents in Korea. My grandfather is […]

Sustainable Design

I tracked the wastes I made for one day. I couldn’t take photos of them (because they were dirty and too many) but I wrote it down as long as I can remember. cotton pad contact lens package tissues coffee cup paper bag napkins lunch plastic box lunch leftover packages (of lightbulb, acrylic, switches and […]


I tried to observe as many connectors as possible this week. Then I found out that we are living in a world full of connectors-both physically and conceptually. These are some connectors we can easily find around our everyday lives. These jumper cables connect micro controller to breadboard. In fact, they are actually connecting my […]


I have always enjoyed using modules because modules are repetitive. Repetition is a very powerful tool, it creates patterns, rules and rhythms. No matter how small and minute at the first time, if it is repeated, it becomes bigger and stronger.                        

Make a thing

          I did photo collages with images of jungles. I always have longed for exploring a dense forest. I love its wildness and exotic atmosphere. I once dreamed about being a BBC documentary producer exploring the wild. But in fact, I don’t have such courage or time actually to go to the jungle. All […]