Week. 6 Motors

For this week I need to use the motor. The topic reminded me of unfinished work from last assignment, random answer device. The motor was the hardest part, so I decided to start again and finish it. My first sketch looked like this. Week 4’s result was like this. First, I wanted to changed the […]

Week5. Wood+Aluminum Flashlight

I decided to make a flashlight again, but this time with wood and aluminum. Last time I didn’t had a switch to turn it on and off, but now I connected the toggle switch to control the light. I fell in love with walnut! I love its color, texture, and when finished, it looks even […]

Week 4. Enclosure

Seeing Ben’s wood enclosure examples, those locations of switches and buttons also reminded me of a human face. So I came up with idea making an enclosure that looks like a face made up of electric devices. The first plan was like this : LEDs will be the eyes that blink whenever users are in […]

Week 3. Acrylic motion

For this week’s fabrication, I used laser cutters. It is a very interesting machine; so accurate, fast, and convenient. However, I found it works better on 2D materials, like paper, (thin)woods, or acrylic. I wanted to describe more than a thin layer, so I decided to illustrate motion and moving. In movies or animations, they […]

Wooden Desk Organizer

For this week, I had to make 5 pieces of same object that has a certain process. I wanted to make out of wood material so that I can try saw and router. I thought of chopping board, plates, cell phone holder and bookends. I sketched some of my idea and decided to make bookends that […]


There were two conditions to make a flashlight. Portable 2. Creates light The problem was that I had no background knowledge about lighting. I was little terrified about building flashlight, so before thinking of what to make, I just visited Lighting Plus to check out if there is any “portable lights” that I can handle. […]