My initial idea was making a lamp that has several layers of shades. I came up with this idea from seeing my acrylic bag by the window, that reflected sunlight beautifully. I wanted to experience various materials that light gets diffused or scattered.   While making the lamp, I remembered when I visited Tokujin Yoshioka’s exhibition in Korea. I […]

14 hours Timelapse

I installed a GoPro on my window to take a time lapse video. I wanted to take 24hours of video at first, but I ended up taking 14hours of shooting. I installed the camera looking toward outside.  I hardly look outside through this window, so it was really interesting to observe how it looks. At the […]

Visiting lighting stores

Today I visited a couple of lighting stores around Canal street. One was “The Lighthouse” and the other one was called “Lighting by Gregory”. There were many different kinds of lightings in stores.  This photo is from The Lighthouse. There were lots of chandeliers. But I prefer Lighting by Gregory. They had simpler lights. I […]


I made a digital candle with Neopixel. I also connected digital microphone sensor to make a candle’s own interaction – blowing. I put the light in a jar within thin papers. If you blow on the sensor outside, the candle will turn off.  

Week 2. Light in subway station

I don’t remember which station was it, but I remember the light there. There were stained glass and lights came through them. Because of the colored glasses, it shined in different colors.  The light softly came to the ground and the train. Also the train looked new and shiny, it reflected some lights.

Week 1. Light in a cafe

I visited a cafe in Brooklyn. I was so tired and just ordered latte. While waiting for the coffee, I looked around the cafe and realized how beautiful the cafe is. The light was brightly coming through the big window on the left side. Although it was a cold day, the atmosphere inside felt so […]

Interruptible LED fade

I built a circuit and wrote codes to make a LED fade. While it keeps turn on and off softly, people can interrupt it by pressing the green button. But as soon as you release the button, it will go on fading again.