Final Project

  My final project is an AR app that makes users explore the city more. Various objects will be spread throughout the city. The users will go around the city and collect them. Small missions will be given to them such as “collect all the items in the park in NYC” or “collect 5 cupcakes […]

Final project

My final project idea is a simple AR game that makes users explore the whole city. New York City has a¬†very well organized grid street structure. By using GPS information, I will put a random simple object on every intersection¬†in the city. For example, 5th ave & 8th st, 5th ave & 9th st, 5th […]

Final Project Idea

1 Sounds of NYC NYC is always full of sounds(music) everywhere. Not only amazing concerts from jazz to electronic happening every week, but also artists on the street, park, and subways are always there in the city. I would like to use AR technology to visualize this sound from New York City and document it. […]

Matisse cut out Dance

Henry Matisse is one of my favorite artists in the world. I especially like his bold and colorful cut-outs artworks. I always thought I could imagine endless stories from this cut-out works. While watching “Little Blue Little Yellow”, it reminded me of his arts and I decided to make up a story based on it. […]

Spatial Augmented Reality

This is a projection mapping project that shows bouncy bubbles in a box at the first time. When the audiences move their hand in certain gesture(like swipe, or circle) and the bubbles will bounce off the box or a screen. I wanted to create a illusion that the whole screen is just as big as […]