Final Project : Picsel

Collaborator : Amanda Lee   Me and my partner started fabricating the box. All the buttons will be mounted on it and users will be connected to the project through this box. These are some sketches for the box. We went to the lumber store to get materials, MDF. We cut it into pieces and fixed […]

Final Project

After getting all the hand data we need from Leap motion sensor, we started programming from the basic structure. (Thanks to Or Fleisher, he helped us a lot!) We coded to draw on screen with right index finger’s tip position and to erase with left palm’s position(for at this point). We made it to draw repetitive circles to make lines, […]

Final Project

First time connecting Leap Motion to my laptop. Getting hand/fingers’ data. Drawing continuos ellipses that looks like line with a finger. Using not only index finger’s X and Y position, but I started using Z position or depth to control the size of circles. Continuous circles with different colors.

Final Project – PHASE 0. Concept & Brainstorming

For my final project, I am thinking of building a drawing tool. I want users to stand in front of a green screen, and they will see themselves on screen. They will use their own body(or just a hand) to draw something for the background of their own image. If one stirs a finger in the air, […]

Final Project : Ideas and Concepts

For the physical computing final project, I want to build something that people can engage more, take parts, and emotionally affected. I came up with an idea of people confessing their secrets and every time they confess, something gets bigger. I decided to use lights, so the lights will get brighter. So if one confess […]

The Slapper’s Dilemma

Melissa and I worked together on midterm project. We came up with an idea about Prisoner’s Dilemma, a well-known game theory. It is simple but fun using psychological warfare between two people. Here is a quick explanation of Prisoner’s Dilemma from wiki : The prisoner’s dilemma is a standard example of a game analyzed in game […]

Week 6. ITP Synthesis

In ITP synthesis day, Ellen and I were in a team working on physical variable sketch together. We started with basic digital variable first. We used a push button to give digital input and on p5 canvas, the little white dot appears and disaapears as an output. For the analog input, we used the flex sensor. […]


For this lab, I planned to combine physical computing project with my fabrication project. In my “Introduction to Fabrication” class, I was supposed to make an enclosure that has some switches or buttons on it. Ben showed us some examples and those buttons and LEDs on box looked like a human face to me. So I decided to make […]


I observed Metro card vending machine as an interactive technology in public that is widely used by multiple people. I guess most people in New York would have used it before. I use them at least once in two weeks. It is located in every subway stations and pretty easy to use. As observing the […]

Lab 2

I went through several analog input circuits. The first one was using potentiometer that prints words on screen depending on input value. Then I made one more circuit using light sensor. I wanted to build a LED circuit that lights up when it is in the dark. So I had to write code that makes low […]