Final Project

For the final project, I made a chrome extension that will help my web experience. My first idea was a tool that changes English into Korean text.It’s not a translator but changing the keyboard. This mistake is happening pretty often so I thought this tool would be very useful. For example, dkssudgktpdy -> 안녕하세요 However, I […]

Final project idea – 2

For the final project idea, I’m thinking of making a chrome extension for people who are using Korean and English keyboard in their computer. This is a very personal project for very specific target. If you forget to change the keyboard mode and type it, you’ll get something like this.   Programming A to Z […]

Final project idea

For the midterm project, I worked on simple Alexa skill called “ITP Annie” which is a simple yes/no answering chat bot. It randomly answers to users polar(yes/no) questions. There are many possible answers though, that it tries to mimic human conversations. For the final project, I want to develop this concept and make it in […]

Yes or No bot

When I was young, I used to play with this Ask Eight Ball which gives you random answers after you ask questions and shake it. So I got inspired by this little toy, I decided to make a yes/no question chatbot.     Based on this idea I created a twitter bot that answers to users […]