Today’s luck graph bot

At first, I decided to make a bot that uploads an image produced by Processing based on chats with the bot(Yes/No bot) I made last week. I was trying to analyze users’ answers and then convert it to colors. However, I found it so difficult to send the data analyzed by the bot to Processing. […]

Week 3 Chatbot

I build a bot that responds to direct messages. I got the idea from Ask Eight Ball, which I used to play with when I was young. It gives random answers to any(and only) yes-no questions. Also, when the user says thank you, it will respond for that too. Tweets by week3chatbot      

Week 2.

Tweets by week2bot New technologies json file.  

Week 1. Five bots

I made five different bots using Tracery Writer.   The first twiter bot I made is a “Prasing bot”.  The original sentence is, “origin”: “#name#, #ppl# #verb# you, because you are #adj#.” It got list of English name from Wikipedia, verbs from Google, adjectives from Github and I wrote the rest. I wanted to build a […]