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3mins presentation

If I have the chance to present something in front of 10,000 people, what would I say? I would like to talk about the Rising Sun flag, which was first adopted in 1870 as the war flag of the Imperial Japanese Navy. It’s the symbol of the japan’s militaristic imperialism. This symbol is considered extremely offensive in […]

Urban Vehicle

Last Thursday the whole class went to A/D/O at Greenpoint, Brooklyn to see the “Urban Vehicle” project. It was a great opportunity to look around A/D/O and get to know about the project. When I first got inside, I saw a huge bicycle-looking structure. I thought it was a static sculpture or an experimental invention […]

Body and Space

This is a project that I did when I was in college in Korea. I installed two vivid shapes on the wall and moved in space between two shapes. I set shutter speed very low so that my motion would blur. I tried not to invade shape area. That effort made me move my body […]